Old Church Chapel is available for your wedding rehearsal.  Even a smaller Florida Wedding Chapel service will benefit from a rehearsal of the Wedding Ceremony prior to the actual event.

Tips for a successful rehearsal dinner

A rehearsal dinner is a magical time for those who are coming together to start a new life together. Though there are many opportunities for individuals to find time to talk and to get to know each other, this particular evening is about the coming together of two families. In some cases, this will be the first time that both sides of the family meet. It will be an outstanding opportunity for each person in the wedding party to celebrate, too.

If you are planning a special occasion like this, be sure you’ve thought about all of the details.

Who Is Coming?

Generally, the rehearsal dinner is just that. It is a meal that follows the practice event the day or so before the wedding. After heading to the ceremony location and determining where everyone will stand and what everyone will do throughout the event, the group will then head over to a location for a meal. This means that those involved in the actual wedding should be in attendance including everyone who’s in the wedding party. From there, you can add others into the event as you see fit. For example, out of town guests, grandparents, and other special family members may be included in this special event.

What to Focus On

One of the biggest parts of the rehearsal dinner is the thanking of those in your wedding party for all of the hard work they have done for you. It is also an opportunity to talk about the future and to get to know each other’s lives. In other words, you do not want to find yourself spending most of the time in the kitchen slaving over a meal. Find a location where you can have the event catered (if you plan to have it in a home.) You can also visit a location where you can have a formal meal together.

If your event will be a large one, it can pay to have a special event set up aside from your wedding ceremony and reception for the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes, you can rent a smaller hall of other space for these needs. In some cases, the facility you are hosting your wedding reception at may have a wedding package that includes the catering services. Find out if these are available and if they can help you to meet all of your guests’ needs.

Take into consideration your special evening. While all of your focus may be on the wedding itself, don’t forget this beautiful evening together with your new family and with your friends. From formal to informal, your options are numerous. However, you also need to consider your goals, budget, and who will be in attendance when choosing a location for your rehearsal dinner. The right location can help ensure that you have a fabulous meal that everyone enjoys and that you don’t have to cook it for them.

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