This wedding trend is getting more popular, and it saves everyone money

There’s a new popular wedding trend that has everyone saving money. Brides are saying no to having bridesmaids in 2017. In theory, having your best friends stand with you on the happiest day of your life is a great idea. But in reality… things get complicated. No matter how easy you try to make your wedding, it’s stressful to have/be a bridesmaid. This new trend is a “fix all” for all parties involved.

From the friend-of-the-bride’s perspective, it’s a bittersweet situation from the moment your pal asks you to be part of her special day.

You’re over the moon for your friend, but you also know it’s going to cost a small fortune and countless hours to properly celebrate her wedding.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you don’t have either of those resources to spare. It’s a huge commitment and can be draining and sometimes damaging to the friendship.

From the bride’s perspective, it’s constant stress to try to not leave anyone out, all while creating a “perfect day.” Managing dresses and avoiding arguments is tricky stuff. Even after taking every precaution, someone is bound to be “grumpy” about something.

Instead of trying to troubleshoot this seemingly impossible task brides have opted to forgo the whole tradition completely. According to Pinterest, millennials are searching for wedding ideas that have no bridal party at all. And this is no niche trend: Pinterest has seen a 100 percent year-over-year increase in related searches.

We think this is a pretty fantastic trend, but brides are allowed to have whatever type of wedding they want. Bridesmaids, no bridesmaids, heck, have goats for bridesmaids, we’re cool with that, too. Ultimately, we love any trend that allows everyone to have an incredible day with memories to last a lifetime.

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