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These Are the Songs Couples Frequently Ban From Their Weddings even at a Wedding Chapel


Weddings can be tricky. As in, there are a lot of unwritten rules for pretty much everything. Brides, shouldn’t send out their invitations until at least six to eight weeks before the big day, while guests should never ever drink more than they can handle. Dos and don’ts run the gamet, but what about in regards to music? Recently, FiveThirtyEight surveyed over two dozen professional DJs on about 200 weddings to figure out what the most commonly banned songs and/or artists are. The results are pretty hilarious.

For starters, forget dances that involve any kind of related choreography. The “Chicken Dance is so over, as 23.1 percent of couples placed that at the top of their “do not play” list. Forget the “Hokey Pokey;” 10.4 percent would rather do away with the song. And the “Macarena”? No bueno. 17.6 percent of couples chose to nix the Los Del Rio hit. 22.5 percent of couples aren’t fans of the “Cha-Cha Slide” either. Others include the “Cupid Shuffle,” “YMCA,” and the “Electric Boogle (Electric Slide)”. Basically, no one likes line dances.

Ironically, a few songs from the site’s “Ultimate Wedding Playlist,” which was published last year, made their way onto this list. Songs include “Shout,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and “Sweet Caroline.” Even more surprising (and kind of disappointing) is Beyoncé’s widely acclaimed “Single Ladies” also made the cut. We’re going to need an explanation for that one, because, well, it’s Beyoncé.

And honestly, isn’t doing this so much fun?

Couple’s also chose to steer clear of songs that contain inappropriate lyrics or have the tendency to remind someone of a broken relationship, such as “All of Me” by John Legend.

Banned music

“[Some songs] are perceived as overplayed, cliché and perhaps cheesy,” said Gregg Hollmann, a New Jersey-based wedding DJ. “Wedding couples want to be unique.”


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