Wedding Chapel – The Perfect Place to Renew Wedding Vows

Old Church Chapel is a perfect wedding chapel for you if you are Renewing Wedding Vows

Why renew? Some couples choose to renew their vows after going through a rough patch in their marriage, representing a fresh start and looking to the future, while others might do it in celebration of milestone anniversaries.

The hosts: Typically, couples host their own vow renewals.

The location: You could revisit the venue where you were first married, or pick a place that is meaningful for you and your spouse. Another options is simply heading to a beach, a botanical garden, or your back yard. The smaller the renewal party, the more options you might have for intimate venues.

The guest list: Contrary to wedding planning, you can keep your list as small or large as you’d like for your vow renewals. It could be as simple as the two of you and close family.

The order of events: Again, this is your day, so you may choose to walk down an aisle, in a recreation of the ceremony on your wedding day.

The Vows: You may choose to say your original wedding day vows, or you could revise them, or even write completely new vows.

The gifts: Etiquette says there should not be any gifts given

The legalities: There are no legalities – so you can have anyone lead the ceremony/service of your vow renewals!.


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