Thinking about which flowers to use for your ceremony at our Wedding Chapel?  Here are some seasonal flowers to think about with their traditional meanings

Planning your wedding? In-season flowers rooted in symbolic meaning

There is no rule that if you are having a fall or winter wedding that you can only use fall and winter flowers for your décor. However, staying in season with your flowers is generally an easier path to take than the alternative.

It’s cheaper to obtain in-season perennials, and the overall quality of the plant is usually better when they haven’t had to travel far or be cultivated outside of their natural time period. Below are some fall and winter flowers that have a representative value aside from their aesthetic value.


Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Mums - flower

The Chrysanthemum is also referred to as the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” and known to bloom in many colors. International flower delivery site,, mentions that, though chrysanthemums have several different meanings depending on the culture and time period, the origins date back to Chinese culture where they were a symbol of joy and positivity.



Though not widely known in the United States for its remedying properties—many associate it with allergies — mentions that other cultures recognize goldenrod for its medicinal properties that help alleviate high blood pressure and inflammation. The Goldenrod can be utilized in times when encouragement is needed, as it stands for good luck, hopefulness, and foresight.

Purple Aster

Astor Flowers

Asters, says, relate to enchantment. The species was believed to drive away evil. However, they are also related to love and patience, which could be considered the two pavers of a healthy marriage. The purple aster variety made this list because it starts to bloom around late summer or early fall.


The sedum, or stonecrop, ranges in color from neutral and soft pinks to electric purples and yellows. It may come as a surprise that a blossom with such bright colors can be associated with tranquility, as noted by and, but who couldn’t use a little serenity on their wedding day?


Winter Pansy

Pansey flowers

Winter pansies mainly come in the options of blue, yellow, or white. Don’t let the name fool you, these flowers can withstand being frozen in the winter, which is not a quality many other breeds can boast. associates the pansy with notions of whimsy, free thinking and creativity.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum flowers

As cool-season and low maintenance bloomer, Alyssum’s Greek meaning is very characteristic of its laid-back nature. Alyssum translates roughly to “sweetness of the soul” or “worth beyond beauty” and acknowledges Alyssum for promoting emotional balance and lack of rage.


In the United States, the camellia represents southern beauty, as it is the state flower of Alabama.

In China, it represents eternal love. says that the Chinese meaning emanates from the relationship of the camellia’s petals and calyx. When the camellia dies, the calyx falls away with the petals, unlike other perennials where the calyx stays intact.


Snowdrops Flower

With white petals that face the ground, notes snowdrops suggest rebirth, hope, and purity.

Unsurprisingly, snowdrops are only available in white and work well with the theme of a frosty winter wonderland wedding.


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