People adore your dinner parties, and the nights out that you plan for friends are remembered months later. But what happens when your guest list jumps from 10 to 100 or more for your wedding? There are lots of things to consider when you’re planning the reception part of your big day, says Amy Schwartz, event consultant for Complete weddings + events. Topping her list for couples: venue, caterer and entertainment. Here, Schwartz and Jen Mrsny of Cherry On Top Events by Jen share tips for eight important considerations.


It’s definitely not as simple as calling for a dinner reservation. You need to think ahead and avoid dates that are in high demand. Think Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend, the College World Series and Husker football games. Costs can tripleView full story   Read More

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6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding ceremony feel fresh and memorable, consider one of the first things your guests will see once they arrive—their ceremony seats. Instead of the expected straightView full story   Read More

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Open Bar or Nah? 

Sure, weddings are cheery celebrations of undying love and steadfast commitment. But they’re also parades of unpleasant budgetary decisions that constantly force you to ask, should I splurge on this or save on that? It’s stressful and it sucks.View full story   Read More

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