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Your wedding might just be the biggest celebration you ever have in your lifetime. It’s an opportunity for your closest friends and family members to come together for a night of dancing, dinner, champagne toasts, and a good time that will be relived through memories and photos for so many years to come.

But even though your wedding adventure and wedding day should be a time filled with laughs and love, it can sometimes cause drama to spew from every direction. Whether it’s from a friend that’s upset over not getting a plus one or an argument with your fiancé over what they can and can't wear on the big day, problems will pop up.

To give you some perspective (and also a heads up about potential wedding challenges), here are the top 10 tweets that sum up the different type of relationship drama you might have to deal with during your wedding.

Wedding Guest List Drama

One of the earliest ways that drama can seep into your wedding planning is when it’s time to draft your guest list. You might have plans to cap your wedding invitations at a certain number, but your fiancé or your family members might have a different idea on how many people they want to invite or even who they’d like to invite. The act of putting together an invite list can make you feel like you’re automatically going to sever ties with certain people if you leave them off the list and the whole thing can be a headache, especially if you and your fiancé aren’t on the same page.

Wedding Guest Drama

When summer hits, so does the amount of weddings that takeover your friend’s calendars and social lives. If you’re having your wedding during a popular time of the year, there’s a good chance your friends are getting a little too burnt out—emotionally, psychically, and financially. They might start to stir up drama, whether it’s around not wanting to give a gift, asking to bring a plus one, or even just bringing a negative attitude to your wedding.

Vow Writing Drama

A topic that can potentially cause a pre-wedding argument is around your vows. If you and your fiancé have different ideas around vows, whether one of you wants to write personal ones and one of you wants to skip vows altogether, it’s important to come to a decision that you both agree on. It might make you feel down on your wedding day if you take hours to write your vows and your fiancé reads something generic or just a few sentences that they wrote minutes before.

Wedding Style Drama

A simple piece of wedding advice is that you and your fiancé should decide on wedding wear early on in the planning process. If you have a feeling your fiancé wants to wear an unusual suit or even add his personal flair with unique or funny socks, set a plan together so that there aren’t any surprises on your wedding day.

Open Bar Drama

Think you and your fiancé have discussed everything when it comes to your wedding? One topic you might want to chat about before the big day is the topic of drinking. While it’s your wedding and you should party however you’d like, be clear with one another about how much you plan to drink or when you’d like your partner to cut you off, so you make sure neither of you make fools of yourself or get so drunk you completely forget how your wedding went.

Ditch the Wedding Drama

Since wedding planning can be a bit stressful and bring you many late-night headaches, there might be a time when you want to throw your hands in the air, cancel everything, and sneak off with your fiancé and just elope. If you’ve already planned your wedding and paid for most of it, chat with your fiancé about how you can kick some of the stress away so that you don’t create even more drama by canceling the wedding in favor of an elopement.

Bridal Party Drama

Your relationships with your good friends turned bridesmaids might bring on some drama that you didn’t plan for, especially around your bridal shower and bachelorette party. If you see this starting to happen, take a step back and have a conversation with a member of the bridal party that you know can step in and fix any of the problems that are happening with your bridal squad.

Family Drama

Your family members, while excited for you and your wedding, might also try to step in and take over your wedding in areas you don’t need their help with. Try to speak up about this as soon as it’s happening so that nobody takes over your wedding planning and so that you don’t build up resentment for your family members over time.

Wedding Planning Drama

Wedding planning stress is real and it can totally take over your life before your big day happens, especially if you’re planning the wedding yourself. When you start to feel overwhelmed and you start to see that wedding decisions are the cause of all your fights with your fiancé, you want to try to put an end to that drama before it causes any damages to your relationship or even to your health.

Last Name Drama

After you get engaged, one of the first conversations to have with your fiancé should be around whether or not you plan to change your last name. Have that conversation early on so that you both can agree on what you plan to do. That way, there won’t be any extra relationship drama over the decision later on or on your wedding day.

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